A Case of the Sillies
A Case of the Sillies
Season 2, Episode 8b
Production Information
Air DateJuly 7, 2016
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byCourtney Goldman
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A Case of the Sillies is the B-plot of the 8th episode of the second season of Odd Squad.


Dr. O gets an odd illness called the Sillies. 

Ingredients for the cure:

  • One tiny storm cloud 
  • A six-inch mustache 
  • An eight-inch pricklebush root, powdered 
  • One gallon of nonfat strawberry yogurt 

Learning Goal:

Measurement: using standard measurements to measure capacity and length


  • An agent can been seen carrying a giant pickle in the background.
  • Its title mirrors that of A Case of the Sing-Alongs from Season 1.