Agent Ocean
Screen shot 2016-06-21 at 2.45.02 PM
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Creature Room
Badge Number 38
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut First Day
Actor Elijah Sandiford

Ocean runs the Odd Squad Creature Room. He is an expert on animals, and is considered a creature whisperer.


  • "Chill, dude, everything's fine."
  • "Catch ya later, mouth brow!"


  • Ocean likes to play the ukelele. With it, he can also control and hypnotize creatures.
  • As shown in the episode "Good Egg Bad Egg", Ocean's favorite number is 7.
  • He likes using surfer lingo.
  • He is the only agent who doesn't wear socks.


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