Agent Oona
Screen shot 2016-06-21 at 2.45.56 PM
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Appearance Dark Brown Eyes and Brown Hair
Personality Perplexing
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Head Scientist (Currently)

Assistant/Apprentice (Formerly)

Partner(s) N/A
Personal Information
Agent Olympia
Agent Otis
Ms. O (Sometimes)
Agent Ocean
Agent Ohlm
Employee(s) The Other Scientists
Oscar (Former Mentor)
Agent Olympia
Agent Otis
Ms. O (Boss)
Agent Ocean
Agent Ohlm

Every other Agent

Enemies Villains (Causers of Odd)
Rival(s) Obbs
Production Information
Debut Back to the Past
Actor Olivia Presti

Agent Oona is a new scientist at Odd Squad. She is an expert on gadgets and tends to follow in Oscar's footsteps literally and figuratively! She is now the head of the Science Department in Precinct 13579. She is played by Olivia Presti.


Oona can be a very comical but somewhat socially inept character. Oona is known for her hyperactive activity and her slight over-exaggerations. Despite all of this, Oona is still an extraordinary genius. She is able to build gadgets as well and as often as Oscar did.


Oscar: Mentor

Ms. O: Boss

Agent Olympia and Agent Otis: Friends and coworkers

Agent Ocean: Coworker


  • Oona's lab coat is stuffed with compliments
  • Her first day was March 1st, 2016.
  • She can lasso
  • Oona's favorite food is Glow-Nuts
  • Her bowtie size is 9
  • She is on-and-off colorblind and sensitive to dairy


Back to the Past

Odd Squad Needs You

The O Team (cameo)

Show Me the Money

The Creature Whisperer

Oscar Strikes Back

Olympia's Day

A Case of the Sillies

Happy Halfiversary

Put Me In Coach

Extreme Cakeover

Three's Company

Drop Gadget Repeat

Rookie Night

The Cherry On Top inator



"Howdy-do, agents!"

"What am I, crazy?"

"I picked the wrong day to stop talking to myself."


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