Agent Orchid
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Agent at Odd Squad
Partner(s) Ohlm
Badge Number 57
Personal Information
Family Unnamed brother
Unnamed grandfather
Friend(s) Obfusco
Co-worker(s) Ms. O (Boss)
Production Information
Debut Picture Day
Actor Michela Luci

Agent Orchid is one of the younger agents in Odd Squad. She tends to be extremely stubborn, and loves dinosaurs, manupulating people, and giving disappointing looks. She is also 7 years old. Her partner becomes  Agent Ohlm in Season 2. 


"I find that very underwhelming."

"Dinosaurs crossing."

"If you asked me that BEFORE I met Sherman, I would have told you I needed EVERYTHING! But now, I don't need a thing!"

"I'm less about material objects, and more about experiences."

"Yeah, I'm just going to call you Sherman."


Season 1

Season 2


  • She has been working on the squad for five years.
  • She tends to call people, things, and places 'Sherman'.
  • She likes Blobs and Centigurps.
  • She builds very good sand castles, as seen in her agent interview.
  • She mentions she has a brother in 'Not So Splash'.



ODD SQUAD - Meet Agent Orchid - PBS KIDS

ODD SQUAD - Meet Agent Orchid - PBS KIDS

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