Agent Todd
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Agent at Odd Squad (Formerly)
Gardener (Currently)
Villain (Formerly)
Badge Number 43
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut Training Day
Actor Joshua Kilimnik

Agent Todd was one of the best agents on the Squad, due to his ability to solve math problems quickly in his head. However, he became bored with solving cases, so he decided to cause oddness; this led to him being fired from Odd Squad. He was partnered with Agent Olive, whom he nicknamed Scribbles due to how she worked out problems by scribbling them down in her notebook. He was Agent 43, and after he was fired, he hid the number cryptically throughout headquarters. He was called Odd Todd and was a villain until later on in the TV series. Now he's a gardener.



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