• Wimpykid2

    My Name is Ezekiel and my Odd Squad Name would be Oliver

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  • Colladojccd14

    As we know we all want to have our own Odd Squad wiki on a book bag all the time. Bu sometimes is hard because of the internet conectio.don't worry anymore press the button down bellow and see your Odd Squad Preview od your hand wiki all made by me with help of this wikia and other friends. For September would be out absolutly free like that you can print it and make a book of it too.



    In case of the button not working just press this link file:///C:/Users/colla/Desktop/Wiki%20Preview.pdf

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  • Colladojccd14

    Bye bye Doctor O

    July 19, 2017 by Colladojccd14

    'Attention '

    'This post can have a sad content, Be ready for cry or something like that.'

    This morning i saw on my Instagram account a horrible and sad post. the actress Peyton Kennedy, Doctor O in Odd Squad is no more in the show after tomorrow's episode. She post...

    peyton_kennedy Dr. O says goodbye to Odd Squad on tomorrow's milestone episode. Be sure to watch as Agent Olympia struggles to throw the best goodbye party ever when she finds out Dr. O is leaving. #oddsquadpbs #doctoro #partytimeexcellent #whatsnext @pbskids @sinkingshipent

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  • Fictious33

    Over the years I've had a lot of weird ideas for Odd Squad crossovers. Today I'll be talking about them.

    Let's do this!

    • Odd Squad + Zootopia: It would of course feature all the characters as different animals, and the story would come before the events of the Zootopia movie. The story would follow a young Nick Wilde (one of the movie's main characters) as an Odd Squad agent, possibly with Clawhauser (a side character in the movie).
    • Odd Squad + Portal: Wheatley (a Portal character) would crash into Earth and be taken into the Odd Squad for whatever reason; or the Odd Squad agents would find the Aperture Laboratories building for whatever reason.

    • Odd Squad + Minecraft: I actually dreamed this up after watching the first episode of the show (on Wo…

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  • Colladojccd14

    As we know Odd Squad have a lot of tube operators but this one is for a nest town i think and i want to know what is her name. a little help guys!

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  • Fictious33

    Legal disclaimer: "Odd Squad", "OddTube", and all related assets, logos, and fictional characters are the legal property of PBS Kids and the show's creators.

    Welcome to this little mini-series of OddTube episode reviews! This post covers the OddTube series trailer up to the Pandas video. This includes some memes I made out of certain scenes. All timestamps are links to the referenced time in the YouTube video.

    Let's do this!

    SPOLIER ALERT: The following post contains spoilers of the reviewed episodes. If you have not seen OddTube yet and do not want spoilers, go watch it and then come back.

    Link to the YouTube playlist: OddTube YouTube playlist

    Note: Slight overhaul done on this post on 7/12/17. Now using Seals:

    - Seal of Garbage: The video was …

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  • Anonymous2300

    Hey you guys! What's up? i have some GREAT news for u! Wanna feel like a real Odd Squad agent? Need the gear? then shop pbskids is just right for you! My friend showed me the web two years ago. U can buy a lot of things based on different pbs kids shows. And it's all right here at

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  • Anonymous2300

    i just joined the wiki about 2 and a half weeks ago. I have been looking and reading this wiki since last year. but last year i did not have an email. but now i have an email so i can have an account! Anyways, so far i have earned nine badges. if you have any tips for me on how to work this wiki, feel free to post them please!

    - Anonymous2300

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  • JainaGranger7

          UMMMMM... Yello! I'm Jaina and apparently the newbies get to do this traditional blog thing. One thing you may notice about me is that when I talk, I talk A LOT.  So I'll try to keep this short.

              Pretty simple.  I have basically been raised on PBS KIDS shows (well, PBS and Veggietales, wich I enjoy more now then I did when I was 3). My family has never had cable or satilite TV, so public broadcasting is pretty much what we get. But the bennefits of all the educational TV, which I don't mind at all, really do shine! For example, in first grade I saw a Wordgirl segment explaining the word "cumbersome" (it was the one where she was holding the meteorite, it was pretty funny). A while back, the word came up in a disscusion in eng…

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  • KirbyoftheStars25

    This one was just an accident.

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  • KirbyoftheStars25

    One day at Odd Squad Headquarters, it was lunchtime, so the agents went down to the breakroom to get their food. Except... there was no food for them to eat. "Did Oksana make us food?" Asked one of the many dissatisfied agents. "Yes, I prepared the meals last week." One agent opened his bag and found Kirby eating his food. "Whoever had the idea of combining pizza and pudding was a genius!" Kirby said as he finished the pizza. "Odd Squad, Odd Squad, stop right there!" Said Agent Otto, who picked up Kirby and took him to Ms. O. "I found this pink thing eating all the food in the breakroom. It's too squishy to be a centigurp. What should I do with it?" "Lock it up in the warehouse, and I'll decide from there." Ms. O said as she sipped a juice…

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  • KirbyoftheStars25
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  • KirbyoftheStars25

    Note: This takes place when Olive and Otto were still agents.So, recently I came up with the idea of mixing Odd Squad and Kirby (I don't know why Kirby of all things),where the agents discover Kirby eating all the food in the breakroom (I don't know how Oksana didn't notice) and they lock him in the creature room. Kirby then discovers the agents having odd dreams. He escapes the creature room and returns to Planet Pop Star (his home) to realize that the Star Rod was gone. (If you don't understand the Kirby series, then you won't understand the next stuff.) He asks King Dedede where the pieces went and he told him on Earth. He returns to Odd Squad Headquarters, where he overhears Ms.O talking to Olive and Otto, saying that the villains were…

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    i want somebody to make an odd squad play and turn it into a script that a school can do

    and then notify all schools in the us and canada, or at least on the east coast and canada

    and then i can force my school to do it

    and i can be the shapeshifter

    or maybe jamie jam because goodness knows i've never been able to snag a lead female role even though i'm a female because of my alto voice so i can't be a princess/main role/singer because i sing too low. thanks vocal cords for ruining my dramatic skill and prowess


    said raven at 1:30 am when she should be flipping asleep, not storming up ideas for an odd squad play and trying to figure out what other things can crossover with odd squad

    like would wicked work? maybe for odd todd. yeah that makes a…

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  • Colladojccd14

    Hey guys for the time that Odd Squad trow season 2 we can see really diferent things like Ms. O personality change but one that we haven't notify is the Math Room Agent Otis and Agent Olympia haven't visit the Math Room yet but why? Could be because of the work of using green screen or the problem of people spining like spinners. Make your own hypothesis and comment i want to know why we haven't see the Math Room on season 2. What is your opinion?

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  • Colladojccd14

    I want to know what are this symbols departments can i your help guys?

    Thanks guys

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    It's an Odd Todd Q&A!

    May 25, 2017 by ODDtODD

    Surprise! To celebrate 2 years since Odd Todd came onto the screen, I'm holding a Q&A here on Odd Squad Wikia. You can ask me anything about the show, the actors, the production or even something that came after! I used to be super active on this website so I wanted to make one more comeback here for the people on this site that I used to talk to and that I have yet to meet! Ask me a question below!

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  • Bansheewail1313

    Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the absence. I finally graduated from the doctor's internship and now I'm a full fledged E.R doctor. This also means that I will finally have some free time to help out and get back to one of my favorite shows. Again I am very sorry for being absent.

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    hi everyone i wrote some fanfiction because i am ridiculously obsessed!!!!

    here it is!!!!

    oona looked at oscar and said toast

    the end

    lol so how was it

    April Fools! I would never write such short fanfiction, badly grammared fanfiction. Is grammared even a word? maybe.

    Love you guys.

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    So, I wanted to talk about Ms. O's rate of juice box consumption.

     In "The One That Got Away," Ms. O states that 1,000 juice boxes is a "day's supply." While she may have "cut back," we're going to assume that her daily consumption remained about the same- 1,000 juice boxes.

     For some reason, juice box companies aren't making this easy for me. Juice boxes regularly come in 4.23 fl oz, 6.75 fl oz, and 6 fl oz- NONE OF WHICH GO INTO 16 FL OZ EVENLY URRRRGGHHHH

     So I'll just use (algebra and) a calculator to discover how much sugar Ms. O is consuming in a day.

     So first, let's find out how many fl. oz Ms. O would be drinking in a day, assuming she drank 6 fl oz boxes.

     6 times 1000 is 6000 fl oz. WOW. The amount of water suggested (not that you hav…

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  • Lilac-Kat

    YouTube Videos!

    March 23, 2017 by Lilac-Kat

    Alright, so here's links to my past couple YouTube videos if you haven't seen them yet! The first is the promised extremely poor quality vlog of my adventures in Omaha when I went to see Odd Squad Live, and the second is my reaction video to the latest surprise on the OddTube website - which you should really go check out if you haven't already!!!

    OSL Vlog

    Reaction Video

    Also below are better quality pictures of the notes that I took during the OSL show, because YouTube is being a [meep!].

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  • Peachstar Kratt

    I sleep in for this masterpiece. Instead of harshing all our mellows, we get to celebrate the...20th...anniversary? Um?

    Anyway let's continue and hope I can crank this out in an hour, tops. I gotta go make s'mores.

    --*slow applause because THIS IS HOW WE DO, YEAH, ROCKIN' LIKE DAT*

    --But honestly, great opening.

    --Just...just 20 or so seconds of reveling in confetti. Mhm.

    --"What up Oddballs? My name's Olympia...AND YOU'RE WATCHING ODDTUBE! Oh wait, did I scream, so sorry...!"

    --Those pink and red and white balloons mean something and if you know me you already know what I'm gonna say so I'm gonna shut up before I receive a hecka lot of backlash okay

    --"Welcome to my 20th video! I can't believe you watched all 20! Or skipped to this one. You could…

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  • Oni Girl 13

    Reviews and Names 

    And we’re back!


    Hello Oddballs! How are you doing! Well I’m doing just fine, I lied, I’m dying… just joking, I have no idea where that meme is from. (Honestly, I’m doing pretty good, in both school and at home. I’m watching more TV. J) I finally have a lot of free time, so I was able to pen this today! Thank you for your suggestions, I’ve made a list and will be tackling them soon. I think today will just be a combination of different things, OS related of course. Mostly reviews, but other stuff too.

    Also, say it with me: END OF HIATUS! Whoo!


    Table of Contents:

                1. O is for Opposite and Oksana’s Kitchen Nightmare

                2. Oddtube #19

                3. Name Research: Otis and Otto



    1. O is for Opposite and Oksana’s K…

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  • Lemon Zest

    Hi everyone! So I don't know how late or early I am to this but on Christian Distefano's Instagram is new ODD SQUAD OPEN HOUSE where you can have a tour of the set, meet the cast, and BUY SOME OF THE PROPS. 

    Here is the link to the post:

    Still not sure if they are redoing the set or ending the show but for one thing: they are selling some of the props and part of the set! 

    Event site with more info:

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  • Peachstar Kratt


    I had a long day guys help me

    Semester 2 of senior year = get set to get rekt amirite

    Anyway, let's go to numero 19 in the OddTube series where I throw a tantrum over art that's better than mine and tubes? We did that in the moVIE AHAHA WHICH REMINDS ME I NEED TO BRIBE CREW FOR THEME SONG STILL 7 MONTHS LATER

    man I am the worst

    --(*aggressive Cantonese*) "That's for all my Cantonese viewers." The amount of irony in this beat alone is enough to give me a hangover the same way slugging four beers would.

    --Ta-da, all caught up like nothing happened! And ain't that grand!


    Okay, he didn't, but still, this is kinda funny.

    --I have a question though: where do all the sub-

    never mind not …

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    I can’t believe I didn’t know.

    The papers swirl around me as the slideshow on the wall and in my head goes on and on, seemingly eternal.

    This unknown mystery, this great universal tragedy and no one had spoken of it to me.

    The file was hexagonal like all the rest but had a mysterious quality about it.

    The file folder was one I had never seen before, and we had seen them all, me and her.

    We had seen them all from the greatest to the smallest problems.

    But not this one.

    His hair was tainted with a tinge of white that stood out and shone like the stars.

    His hands were young but shook with the weight of keeping his secret.

    His secret was a strange one, it wasn’t one worth keeping.

    He kept it locked inside him like a treasure that he wasn’t willing to gi…

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  • Oni Girl 13

    Well, hello Oddballs.

    Yup, it has been 3 weeks since I have made a post, and I do feel bad about that. Let me explain:

    1. I went to France. Seriously, it was a school trip long in the making, and I spent a week in Bonjour-land stuffing myself with bread and chocolate. It was lots of fun.

    2. I was super busy. You know how as soon as you finish a project, another one is assigned? Yup. I have one project due, but that's next week, and I've made quite some progress, so I think I can fool around today.

    3. I was a little disappointed by the response to the Color Essay. I spent hours on it and was really interested in seeing what you guys would say, but five comments, one of them mine and only two actually saying something wasn't what I expected. I f…

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  • Peachstar Kratt

    Complete with video reactions now that I have laptop! (Which...will come soon...maybe tomorrow?)

    Well, here we go. Episode 18. SOMEONE PROVIDED ME SPOILERS AND I AM NOT HAPPY. Call me a hypocrite, but it's sad when your Wi-Fi is shot. Now I really can't see anything in the background.

    (*sigh and point forward*)

    --All you need is that all-guy "HEY, HEY, HEY" chorus that plays in the background of some songs and Olympia has a smash hit on her hands.

    --Also, variant on the "my hand is a dolphin" meme that's not really a meme but who cares.

    --Oh wait what. I thought we were done with the tour thing?

    --Wait, is it the Ball Pit or the Ball Room?

    --"The Ball Room is the official meeting spot for Odd Squad." Good, now I have a meeting spot for when I incorporat…

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  • Peachstar Kratt


    I really should start making these in video format. I guarantee you my video reactions would be much more extreme than what you read here. (Maybe I can with my new phone and a Dailymotion app...hmm...)

    Anyway, let's dive right into this thing. IDEK, Hypocritical Humor because Otis never wanted to do OddTube.

    --Every side character ever. Well, maybe four.

    --"Do you know what it's like to be the village idiot?"--something I read in an MLP comic by Snails that went something like that


    (*promptly screams and runs out of the school*)

    --"I asked her if she was sure she had it, and she sent me this picture." Because he has to confirm he really has to host it--like really, REEEEALLY has to host it--before he must.

    --In respon…

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  • Lilac-Kat

    So idk if you guys remember, but a few months ago I was complaining to anyone who would listen (sorry!) about how, due to being away at college in a state not on the tour list, I wasn't going to be able to see Odd Squad LIVE.


    ...well, long story short, I figured out a way! And I am super excited to see it TONIGHT!!! :D :D :D (even though it means missing classes but whatevs)

    I've decided to create a "vlog" of sorts detailing my adventure today, and later I'll compile it into a YouTube video and post the link here. (I might make it unlisted for privacy reasons, just a heads-up.) So stay tuned for more info!

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  • Peachstar Kratt



    i'm not gonna be okay someone get my holy basil supplement please and thank you

    --Oh look, for the kids who have sensory overload!

    Okay, or not, be that way.

    --Wait, then why didn't Oona do the beginning beat thing?

    --Apparently a lot of kids like Oona. For the older fans though it may be otherwise...




    "So it's two hours later, and head did explode in rage."

    --"I did not know her." Because either you don't get outside enough or you're too noo-noo new.

    (I've always wanted to mak…

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    I was thinking about it- what if not every Odd Squad headquarters deals solely in math? What if some deal in History, or Science, or English? For example, there was that one lab scientist whom I forgot the name of who talked randomly about events that had happened to him with excruciating detail, as does Obfusco. These two could possibly deal in Math and History. You get the point.

    Anyway yeah this just...came to me.

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    If I have to hear that dinosaur train commercial one more time in the mornings I SWEAR

    I mean it's bad enough that they got rid of Odd Squad at 6:30 and made it Arthur and then Wild Kratts after that.

    But I swear The Pteranodon Family will pay for thEIR TERRIFYING TERRIBLE COMMERCIAL

    "PBS Kids and Dinosaur Train want to know..."

    What do you want to know? Why I'm angry with you? It's because you switched Odd Squad with Arthur. I don't like you.

    "What's at the center of the Earth?"

    A hot, molten pool of flipping molten rock okay it's very molten and molten and flipping molten okay OKAY

    "Should we all go take a look?" can't take a look at the center of the earth. get closer than like 900 miles and it's so flipping hot you flipping die which i hope y…

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  • Peachstar Kratt

    Well, here we go folks. 15 episodes of this stuff. How incredible. Time flies. (Love that band!)

    So let's go with how odd Odd Squad is exactly on the oddometer. I bet it's over 9000 Up to Eleven.

    --I actually tried this challenge. It actually is harder than it looks.

    --"Hey Oddballs, Olympia here, let me take you on that full tour I promised you all: I'm here and here and here and here and here and here and here..."

    --Anyone else think this is the most rigged pie chart (or a chance-result pie chart!?) ever seen?

    --Naturally, Pandacorn won. Well, new hybrid for FeralFront roleplays, lemme throw it in the pile of "Hybrid Animals that are Totally Outrageous But That You Can Still Play For Some Reason."

    --Okay, had someone not analyzed how one choice …

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  • KerryKoopa26

    Unpopular opinion

    February 14, 2017 by KerryKoopa26

    I really Don't Like It when Olympia is called "human Pinkie Pie". Sure, they have a few similar attributes such as a cheerful personality and moments of self-doubt, but there's gotta be more, stronger similarities than that to say that "character A is basically character B".

    Again, I won't deny that Olympia and Pinkie Pie have similarities (then again, any two characters have similarities if you try hard enough. But I digress). The thing is, though, "occasionally doubts herself" is not really a defining characteristic of Pinkie Pie, nor is it one of Olympia (because we've probably only seen that once or twice). So what are their defining characteristics?

    Pinkie's are: hyperactivity, parties, outlandish randomness, and blatant 4th wall breaking…

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  • IamVeryOdd

    • Oprah is a fruit stand vendor at the time O'Donahue and his former partner Olga were around.
    • Oprah begins selling newspaper in Norway
    • Oprah becomes Queen of Portugal as an usurper between Louis I
    • Oprah joins Odd Squad
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  • Peachstar Kratt

    Hooray, this is still going on, I'm back home, and I COULD NOT BE MORE READY TO DO DIS

    Let's go!

    --In order: IDK, Grand Canyon, water park probably somewhere in California or Florida b/c warm temps, and ALL THE WAY BACK HOME

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I suck at geography too.

    --Don't tell me we're bustin' out dem dere Christmas presents, now!


    I.E. don't do drugs, drink alcohol in moderation, stay in school.

    --This makes me wonder if Olympia's on Canada's Most Wanted list for illegally keeping exotic animals without a license and without registering each of them.

    Seriously, the show's not even trying to liken her panda addiction to Ms. O's juice box addiction. Or make her like a crazy cat lady. …

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  • Oni Girl 13

    ComOddities: Overanalyzing Odd Squad #2: Color Symbolism


    Welcome to another episode of ComOddities! I hope you’ve had a good week! It’s been a little busy over here at my personal HQ, but I’ll get through it!


    The new column type introduced today is called Overanalyzing Odd Squad. Basically, it’ll be me finally taking my knowledge of literary analysis from all those semesters of English class and applying it to something I actually like for a change. J (This is what happens when high school/college people watch children's shows...) I hope to include some character and episode analyses in future ones.

    Thanks to the title, you probably have realized what this essay is about. I love colors and color theory and I find that one can pack insane amo…

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  • Peachstar Kratt


    February 6, 2017 by Peachstar Kratt

    Hey pretty much I am kicked out of my home. I'm homeless and I'm not going to be active until I find a place to stay that has Wi-Fi.

    Odd News will hopefully live on through the rest of the team and the OddTube reviews will be held off until further notice.

    It was fun hanging with you guys. Do no odd.

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  • IamVeryOdd

    Why I think that Olympia and her partner, Otis, should become the new Big O

    Olympia, first of all, has a fantastic show called OddTube, Otis appears in it, but he's "shy"

    Otis is serious and plays stuff "close to the vest"

    Why I think that the current Big O should be discharged

    The Big O gave up all Odd Squads to Weird Tom and his squad.

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  • Matt2cars

    Where have I been?

    February 2, 2017 by Matt2cars

    So where am I? Well, right here.

    Sorry I haven't been as active as usual, but I've been really busy. And don't think I haven't been following the wikia. I've been following, but I haven't really felt the need to say much, both because of time, and/or other reasons. But I plan to make a comeback soon, because I do want to help make the wiki look as good as possible. 

    So what Odd Squad projects have I done/am going to do in the past/next few months?

    Well for one, I got these Odd Squad T-shirts.

    Yes, I took the plunge, and they are actually pretty darn awesome. The images might not be the best quality, especially on the Oscar one, but they are still excellent T-shirts.

    I also gopt a bike, and named it Isaac, as well as sticking the jackalope seal …

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  • Peachstar Kratt

    My second time attempting this...*sigh*

    So yeah, 13th episode, covers a subject I suck at, who-hooooooo

    Let's go...

    --Oh hey, different characters!

    (Also, nice Olo intro)

    --C-Can we like...never discuss Valentine's Day? I mean, it is the day's all dem ships are actually allowed to float n' sail, but still...I would think PBS Kids frowns upon the holiday because LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE. Or...well, they probably take the friendship route. Cheapskates.

    --Love that heart chain!

    --Oh hey, Valentine's cards are back this year, with new characters and new sayings!

    --Olympia's pretty spot-on with that sign-off.

    ehehe amifunnyyet

    --"hey oddballs"

    (*le gasp*)

    "olympia here in one of my favorite rooms in headquarters"

    (*louder le gasp*)



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  • Souper Stella

    I was trying to post this in the dreams forum, but for some reason it wouldn't let me??? It kept giving me an error... So now it's here!

    Hey y'all, I had another OS dream last night! I actually have them quite frequently... I just rarely post about them. This one seemed cool/cohesive enough to discuss though!

    So in the dream I guess I was an agent that was hanging out with Otis and another boy that I had never seen before. Apparently he and Otis had some kind of history together and were old friends that had met up again. The other guy's name was Maverick, and he was also an agent, just apparently from a different Odd Squad precinct where every agent's names starts with an M (I know that non-canon. Shh, it's my subconscious). Maverick seemed…

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  • Oni Girl 13

    I want to contribute more to the community, so I'm going to do a new column here called ComOddities (get it?). It'll have multiple types of articles about the show, whether jokes, reviews, or whatever. It'll be about Odd Squad of course. One of the sections, and the one to introduce this column, is Little Reasons to Love Odd Squad! Basically, it'll be me talking about little things I love about the show, or if I come up with something else related to Odd Squad. Expect bad jokes, silly things, puns, and obscure references. I'll try to do ComOddities once or twice a week, so let's see what happens!

    Reason #1: Unexpected Callbacks

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the term callback, TV Tropes (a great site by the way) has got your back! …

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  • Peachstar Kratt


    So anyway, I had a live reaction to this but I can't access it now :'( So here, have a worded review.

    --Wait, this is a continuity error--there should have been a timetastrophe following this but there isn't. I am disappoint.

    But on the other hand, it could mean foreshadowing for a Too-Many-Pinkie-Pies-esque episode.

    --Ah, so it's that BTS stuff I saw in that Variety article. Ooookay. I see. But it seems like this is just extended agent interviews to me.

    I can feel millions of kids starting to get confused.

    --Ooh, seal-analyzing! Up until now I never knew what it meant, but now I know that every kid is apparently a star (the irony hurts in that), is delving into weird.

    Looking at the CI…

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  • Peachstar Kratt

    Tiny spoilers, nothing too major--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------





    I JUST



    Okay, so, I'm here to give my thoughts on the episodes! I watched all six of them (Wi-Fi permitting, naturally) and I am...dying! Really, they're all so good. But each one did have its cons.

    So here they are! Get hype!

    This episode is presented in the first-…

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  • Peachstar Kratt


    January 25, 2017 by Peachstar Kratt

    If you guys can see this blog post please tell me on my Message Wall! I'm trying the Protect feature out but it doesn't give me a feature to block all members from seeing it apparently.

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  • Abigail Hinds

    Hey guys so remember when I said that I was going video on slime Odd Squad theme for this month. Well I have a few set backs. I'm going to be making the slime video next month, because I didn't get all the Ingredients I need just yet. I decided to make a Shopping Cart Adventure Vlog instead for this month if anyone of you wanna to see it you could ask! And here comes the important part. I don't know what to make. I'm trying to keep it simple and easy. So I'm asking you guys for help. Remember keep it simple and easy. Thanks :)

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  • KerryKoopa26

    is 43 still relevant

    January 22, 2017 by KerryKoopa26

    So I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory where two characters find "43" written on their coworker's chalkboard and spend the episode trying to figure out what it means. I was basically screaming "ODD TODD. ODD TODD IS WHAT IT MEANS." And loudly vocalizing the X-Files theme because that's what I do when I see a 43. xD

    the compilation of the "43" scenes if you're interested: (contains cursing)

    Keep in mind that this episode first aired before OS was created so this isn't a reference, but still, I felt it was worth noting.

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  • Josh63

    Staying here

    January 20, 2017 by Josh63

    So because of how messed up this week has been I'm thinking about leaving I don't know if I can handle all this.

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