Crime at Shapely Manor
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Season 1, Episode 5
Production Information
Air DateDecember 4, 2014
Written byRandolph Heard
Ben Joseph
Directed byVivieno Caldinelli
Episode Guide
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Crime at Shapely Manor is the 5th episode of Odd Squad. This episode is a half hour, and is split up into two parts.


On a dark and stormy night, Olive and Otto are sent to Shapely Manor to investigate an odd crime with even odder people. It's Lord Rectangle's birthday, and he has his friends over! But... His cake has been stolen! Olive and Otto must decipher the clues to find out who stole his cake.

Olive's Random Slide

This is... a cloud I saw.

Learning Goal

Geometry: identifying two-dimensional shape attributes and composition.


December 4th, 2014


Three of the members of the show The Kids in the Hall appear as Lord Rectangle, General Pentagon and Professor Square.


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