There are many Odd Squad Disorders including:

Disorder Description How To Get It Cure Weakness
The Skips Causes you to skip steps when doing something, and skip instead of walk Contagious Skip to "Skip to My Lou" for a week Unknown
Jinx Makes people talk at the same time Contagious Jinx Cube Only happens once
Noisemaking Candies Makes you make odd sounds Eat Noisemaker candies Special Liquid Duct tape
Lemonhead Head becomes a lemon Drink sour lemonade Good lemonade Unknown
Sing-A-Longs Start singing at seemingly random times Musical reaction to something Reversing the musical reaction with intentional singing Unknown
Pirate-itis Turns you into a pirate Contact with an infected pirate Parrot ray / Pirate-inator Soaking feet in gravy
Flip-Flop-inator Switches your age's place values Zapped by Flip-Flop-inator Zapped by Flip-Flop-inator again Ages that stay the same when flipped
Stick-man Makes you only able to draw stick men Unknown Unstickman-inator Unknown
Shape Crystal Shapes Shapes appear on your body Touching a shape crystal Putback-inator Unknown
Puffer Plant Makes very odd things happen, including turn purple, talk like a cow, turn into a chicken Getting puffed on Unknown, fixes after 60 seconds Unknown
Mr. Greenjeans Turns you into a monster, permanent after an hour Getting sprayed Unicorn tears, water, loganberry juice, and giraffe milk Unknown
The Doubles Doubles you Having too many things to do A gadget Unknown

Acute Lobster-itis

Gives you lobster claws in place of hands Unknown Unclawinator Unknown
Exploding Hiccups Makes glass objects shatter every time you hiccup Unknown 1 1/2 cups Laser Egg Yolks, 1 1/2 cups Chocolate Rain, 1 1/2 cups Dino Eyelashes Unknown
Spider Cat Poisoning Hurts, makes your hand constantly change color (and could turn into a meatball), shrinks you Getting bitten Hand-un-colorinator Identifiable patterns
Racketosis Makes your voice sound like a car horn and a kazoo, garage band in skull Unknown 1 1/2 cups Silly Syrup+2 cups Fizzy Feathers Unknown
Polka Dot Flu Fever, spiral eyes, green spots on face Unknown 1 1/2 cups Coconut Cream, 1 cup Flying Goldfish Scales, 1 cup Powdered Puffer Plant Unknown
Ear Bells Tiny bells ringing in ear Unknown Unknown
Sillies Makes you act very silly Contagious A tiny storm cloud, a 6-inch/15 cm mustache, a pricklebush root, and 1 gallon/4 liters of nonfat strawberry yogurt Unknown

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