Equal Evan
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Villain (Formerly)
Personal Information
Enemies Odd Squad (Formerly)
Oprah (Formerly)
O'Donahue (Formerly)
Production Information
Debut The One That Got Away
Actor Tyler Murree

Equal Evan is a villain. He appears in a green tornado and leaves a sideways equals sign wherever he hits. When he was a kid, his sister used to take more than him, so he takes anything unequal and makes it equal. After being reformed, he helps people keep things equal.

Due to his sideways equals sign, it took Agent Oprah and O'Donahue years to solve the cases that Equal Evan caused. In fact, those unsolved cases are what caused O'Donahue to quit the squad.


Special Power

Ability to turn into a small green spinning tornado in order to steal things to make them equal.


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