Physical Information
Species Ogre
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Protector of the Loganberry Tree
Personal Information
Friend(s) Olive
Production Information
Debut The Odd Antidote
Actor Marty Adams

Logan the Ogre is the protector of the Loganberry Tree. He seems villainous, but is actually quite nice. His skin is magenta in color and is poisonous to the touch. He's a skilled fiddle player that loves sharing and enjoys taking selfies with friends like Olive and Otto.


Logan can be found by the Loganberry tree as well as in Sector 21, a dangerous forest. It is apparent that Logan spends a lot of time in Sector 21, due to his extensive knowledge of the creatures that live there. He passes some of this knowledge on to Olive and Otto when they get lost in the episode, "Trials and Tubulations".


The Odd Antidote

Trials and Tubulations


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