Math Room



Name Math Room
A/K/A Carol
Gender Female
Occupation To help the Odd Squad agents with Math
Friends Ms. O
Abilities Math
Voice Actor T.J. McGibbon

Math Room, also known as Carol by Ms. O and O'Donahue, is a main character in Odd Squad. She is portrayed by T.J. McGibbon.


The Math Room is a virtual space construct that Odd Squad agents retreat to by twisting their badges to visualize mathematical problems. She is made out of sentient origami papers.


Ms. O - The Math Room is good friends with Ms. O, as the latter calls the former Carol, and they knew each other when Ms. O was still an agent.



"Greetings, agents!"


  • Agents often times announce that they are going to the Mathroom like you would say that you are going to the bathroom, quite possibly as a joke.
  • The Mathroom was (presumably) designed and created by Ms. O, as seen in Fistful of Fruit Juice.
  • As of Season 2, the Mathroom is no longer used, and watches have replaced its function.



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