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Millie Davis is an actress known for Odd Squad, The Best Man Holiday, and Annedroids.


  • My Viola (Sarah)
  • Odd Squad (Ms. O)
  • Playdate (Molly)
  • Portal to Hell (Molly)
  • Annedroids (PAL)
  • Orphan Black (Gemma)
  • Man seeking Women (Victoria)
  • Apple Mortgage Cake (Young Angela)
  • Remedy (Crying Girl)
  • Wishenpoof (Penelope)
  • The Best Man Holiday (Hope)
  • Doozers (Daisy)
  • The Magic Hockey Skates (Chloe)
  • A Dark Truth (Saber)
  • Befriend and Betray (Caitlyn)
  • Super Why (Serena, Dot)
  • Riley (Dino Dana)


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