There you [two] are. Something very odd has happened.
— Ms. O
Ms. O


Ms. O -- Director of Odd Squad Precinct #13579


Oprah as an agent in Totally Odd Squad


Oprah as a fruit stand vendor in the 1870s, as seen in Fistful of Fruit Juice

Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personality Impatient, slightly brash, and an all around lovable grump
Professional Information
Odd Squad Branch Director (Currently)
Fruit Stand Vendor (Formerly)
Papergirl (Formerly)
Queen of Portugal (Formerly)

Agent at Odd Squad (Formerly)

Partner(s) O'Donahue
Badge Number 58
Personal Information
Friend(s) Math Room Juck Shumbers
Production Information
Debut "Zero Effect"
Actor Millie Davis

Ms. O (formerly known as Agent Oprah) is the boss of Odd Squad. She is portrayed by Millie Davis


Ms. O is the head of Odd Squad. Although her age is never told, she seems to never age. Although, we know that she has served Odd Squad for a hundred years as of ‘Odd Squad: World Turned Odd.’ Until she passed a test in the 1980s, Ms. O was once an agent. She is constantly seen drinking juice from a juice box.


  • Before Ms. O joined Odd Squad, she ran a fruit stand with her friend Yucks Shmumbers in 1870, delivered newspapers in Norway, and was the Queen of Portugal.
  • She loves juice boxes.
  • She likes the color purple.
  • She is the current winner of the Jackie, and has won only one opposing the squad in the next town.
  • In the first episode, she is seen drinking apple juice; however, in every other episode, she is seen drinking orange juice.
  • Ms. O and the Math Room go way back; it is entirely possible that she is the creator of the Math Room. The Math Room asked her to call her "Carol".
    • However it is not confirmed that Ms. O did in fact create her, but a scene in Fistful of Fruit Juice seems to imply this.
  • Ms. O and Shmumberman both love juice.
    • She also got to star in a Shmumberman comic book with Shmumberman as her sidekick.
  • Her birthday is on November 30th, but she never tells any agent her age.
  • She likes her chocolate warm and melty.
  • People call her "the boss" and she likes that.
  • According to the Odd Squad Facebook page, she has a car but rarely drives it because it's always in the shop.
  • On January 11, 2018, Ms. O took over the Facebook page in a live video. Here are some of the things she told us:
    • Her favorite case is Reindeer Games.
    • Her favorite creature is the Hydraclops.
    • Fruit Punch is her favorite juice flavor, although in Odd Squad: World Turned Odd, it is said she likes all flavors.
    • She would probably work in Security if she weren't Ms. O, because she wants to keep Odd Squad safe.
    • Her favorite odd number is 5.
    • She has a pet bird in the birdcage in her office, and says he's really nice but doesn't talk a lot.
    • Apparently, the Jackalope became the Odd Squad mascot after several agents were surveyed and said it was their favorite animal.
  • She takes care of juice boxes.
  • Ms. O can lift up a car. (According to Extreme Cakeover)


  • "Well? What are you waiting for? GO!"
  • "Something very odd has happened."
  • "Oscar!!"
  • "I'm really getting too young for this."
  • "Over here, people!"
  • "Grr!!"
  • "Olive! Otto! In my office! NOW!"
  • "Odd Squad needs you!"


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