All Odd Squad agents have a department, and some have more than one. (O'Connor) The main departments are listed below.

  • Security - A blue pentagonal padlock (Owen, Ohio)
  • Maintenance/Transportation - A yellow circular light bulb (O'Duffy, O'Connor, O'Donnel, O'Hannigan, O'Brady, O'Brian, see more below)
  • Investigation - A red hexagon (Olive, Otto, Todd, Oakley, Ophelia, Orson, Orchid, see more below)
  • Management - A purple octagon (Ms. O)
  • Science - A green triangular Erlenmeyer flask (Oscar, O'Connor, Oona)
  • Medical - A teal diamond (Dr. O, Odell)

The main department symbols.

Sometimes, these symbols are used for transitions. For example, if they go to the meeting room, it will show the red hexagon. When they use a gadget, it shows the beaker. They also have the symbols on their lapels.

It also affects what they wear. The colors shown above are also the color shoes and belt they wear.

Security people wear zipper-shirts over the main t-shirt.

Maintenance people wear a navy jacket and a yellow belt over the main t-shirt.

Investigation agents wear a navy blazer over a white button-up shirt, grey suspenders, and a red necktie.

Scientists wear a white lab coat over a white button-up shirt, black suspenders, and a green bow tie.

Medical people wear navy scrubs, and Dr. O has a bright cyan lab coat over this.

They all wear navy/black dress pants, except Ms. O who wears a skirt. She also has a dark blue shirt and a purple shirt below it with a necklace.

For more Tube Operators, visit the tube operator page.


The creature room symbol.

More Investigation agents:

  • Oren, Olaf, Octavia, Oz, Otis, Odessa, Ochenta, Ohio, Orzack, and Olga.

There are more, minor departments which are not seen as often on the show, like Obfusco's, Oksana's, and Professor O's.

  • Events and Support - An orange heptagon (Obfusco, Obfuscolina)
  • Kitchen - the symbol is unknown, but the associated color is pink. In "O is Not for Over", we see that there is the maintenance symbol in the break room. Also, the the official website says that Oksana is in the food and beverage department. (Oksana)
  • Big Office - A brown decagon (Professor O)
  • Creatures - An orange and green circle that looks like an eye (Ocean)
  • Sports and Conflict Resolution - A light blue circle that looks like a whistle (Coach O)
  • IT - A red parallelogram (O'Beth, O'Seth)
  • Glue - A gold six-petaled flower (Olo)

The department's rank is determined by the number of sides on its symbol. For instance, Maintenance is the lowest ranking job, so it has the least number of sides. The decagon has ten sides because the Big Office is the most important Odd Squad office.

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