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The Odd Squad Digital Soundtrack Album "Stop the Music" was scheduled to be released on May 26th, 2015, but was pushed back to May 30th, though not released on iTunes until June 16th. The songs are by Paul Buckley, who is a better man than Tim McKeon.

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This is... the Odd Squad soundtrack.


  1. Odd Squad Opening Theme
  2. Take Away 4
  3. Stop the Music
  4. Gonna Add One
  5. Odd Moments in History
  6. Take Away 4 / Gonna Add One Mashup
  7. Up, Down, Left, Right
  8. Bit Squad
  9. Potato Song
  10. Odd Squad Saloon Theme
  11. Obfusco!
  12. Western Squad
  13. The Breakroom
  14. Take Away 4 (Smooth Jazz)
  15. Probably
  16. Zooillogical
  17. The Force of Gravity
  18. Oscar is Awesome
  19. Is There a Doctor in the House?
  20. Action Squad
  21. Win it All for the Win
  22. Odd Squad '80s Theme
  23. Shapely Manor
  24. Strange Weather
  25. Odd Squad Closing Theme