Olympia and Ozric were Ms. O's assistants, but they are now agents. For the majority of season one, they were background characters with no spoken lines. However, their feature episode, "Assistant's Creed", gave some insight into their personalities.

Olympia is bold and ambitious, and is willing to break rules and lie to get what she wants. Ozric, while just as passionate as Olympia in his desire to become a real agent, is very different. He's humble and often worried, and thinks of rule-breaking as a great danger. The two characters act as foils for each other, and work as a good team despite their differences.


  • They are not off the hook for using Ms. O's secret tube entrance.
  • Their first mission was stopping a teddy bear tornado.
  • They became agents at Odd Squad at the end of "Assistant's Creed".
  • Olympia was renamed as Odelle in a name-off with Agent Olympia.