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Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Appearance Brown Skin, Black Eyes
Personality smug, smart, thinker
Professional Information
Occupation(s) President of the Scientist department at Odd Squad (formerly)
Partner(s) N/A
Badge Number 38
Personal Information
Family Unknown
Friend(s) Odelia (Formerly)
Employee(s) Oscar (Formerly) Odelia (Formerly) O'Quincy (Formerly) Oona (Formerly)
Co-worker(s) Ms.O (Formerly) Big O (Formerly)
Enemies Odd Squad Ms.O Oscar Oone
Rival(s) Oona Oscar Ms.O
Production Information
Debut Oscar Strikes Back
Actor Jaedon Siewert

President Obbs

Obbs was the former president of the Odd Squad Scientists. After an attempt to mind control all scientists and take over the world, he was discharged from the position. Agent Oscar then took his role as the president of the Odd Squad Scientists.


  • Obbs believes that the Odd Squad scientists are underappreciated and that they do all the work while the agents get all the glory.
  • Obbs has a hunch about the possibility of life on Neptune. He works at Odd Todd's garden.


Oscar Strikes Back