Shmumberman comic
Shmumberman is a comic book that everyone in Odd Squad reads. It features the adventures of Shmumberman (Julian Buckley) vs. Dr. Soup, with the help of Professor Straw, who helps Shmumberman invent new things. The comic is an advertisement for Shmumber-brand juice boxes. In fact, Shmumberman needs juice to survive!

Shmumberman's butler is named Shmumbly, and their secret headquarters features vehicles such as the Shmumbermobile, the Shmumbercopter, the Shmumberbicycle, and the Shmumbershark. They need Shmumbertonium to power them. Ms. O originally hated the comic, but after she helped save Shmumberman, they became friends and are currently exploring Shmumberland.


Olive and Otto in Shmumberland

Shmumberman comic2

Shmumberman comic featuring Ms. O

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