Sound Check
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Members Tony D, Danny T, Ringo, Johnny J, Otto (temporarily), Olive (temporarily).
Production Information
Debut Soundcheck
Actor Thomas Alderson (Tony D), Lucas Meeuse (Danny T), Stephan Dickson (Ringo), Matthew Armet (Johnny J)

Soundcheck is a boy band that Ms. O and Otto, along with almost everyone else loves. The only known person who doesn't like the band is Olive.

A parody of boy bands, Soundcheck consists of Tony D, Danny T, Johnny J, and Ringo.

Some of their songs are:



  • Ringo's name could be a reference to the drummer of the Beatles, Ringo Starr.
  • Soundcheck is mentioned in the episode "Dance Like Nobody Is Watching". Their song, "Up, Down, Left, Right" can be heard in one of the scenes of the episode.
  • Danny T has apparently quit and rejoined Soundcheck multiple times.
  • Danny T doesn't tell the other band members that they have a concert until right before they preform onstage.
  • Tony D loves animals, with dogs being his favorite.
  • Ringo loves to eat at restaurants.
  • Johnny J loves sports, and has won several trophies for various sports.
  • Otto has made a Soundcheck room in headquarters. It is filled with various paraphernalia relating to Soundcheck, and the background music is the slow jazz version of Take Away 4.
  • In the Odd Squad Movie, the band makes a reference to Queen's famous "Bohemian Rhapsody" music video towards the end. This is because they sing with their heads in a diamond formation, and with the same sort of harmonies that Queen was known for.


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