Spider cats are creatures that are known for their love of partying. They have two eyes, eight legs, and resemble a tarantula with a kitten's head. Like any odd creature, freezing a spider cat will stop it from moving.


Spider cats are mostly found in forested areas, including a large population that make their home in Sector 21.


Spider cats can climb and spit webs that trap their targets. They also seem to be rather stealthy and can sometimes infiltrate a home or area undetected until they make themselves known. This is an impressive feat considering that some spider cats are very large.

What to Do if You Are Bitten

If you get bitten by a spider cat, it will hurt a lot. As the poison moves through your system, one of your hands will constantly change color in a pattern. Use the Hand-uncolor-inator gadget to fix it, but only zap when your hand is normal colored. If you zap yourself while your hand is blue or yellow, it will turn into a meatball. Once your hand is back to normal, you will start shrinking.



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