Squanzo bonzo

The Squanzo Bonzo is a cheerful little creature that cries non-fat strawberry yogurt, though it is difficult to make him do it due to his continual optimism. He is found to eventually cry when he is being tickled. He is also found in the Odd Squad game Sector 21.

Squanzo banzo close up

This is an image of the Squanzo Bonzo when a player completes the first level of the Sector 21 game.

Sector 21 Game Description

Squanzo Bonzo

  • Among the happiest of all odd creatures
  • Cries tears of non-fat strawberry yogurt
  • Tears are a vital ingredient in antidote for the Sillies



  • "Hi is my favorite word!"
  • "Difficulty is the best!"
  • "Best day ever!"
    Sector 21 level 1 completed

    This is the level select screen that appears after the player does their first mission. The completed mission is in blue, and the incomplete missions are in green.

    Squnzo banzo profile (2)

    This is Squanzo Bonzo's profile that appears when the player clicks the mouse on the completed blue mission. Agent Ocean will tell the player how to access the profile in the game by voiceover.