The Odd Squad badge is an versatile accessory that is an integral part of an agent's uniform. The badge displays Odd Squad's jackalope insignia and an agent's number. In addition to being an identifying component, it offers many functions to aid in an agent's work.

Badge Features and Facts

  • A badge identifies agents, letting the public know who works at Odd Squad.
  • Each badge has an agent number on it, making it easy to know who it belongs to.
  • The badge doubles as a flip phone, which agents use to communicate with each other. It also has a detachable ear piece, which is activated by removing the jackalope from the silver ring in the center. The jackalope acts as the ear piece.
  • The badge has a flashlight feature.
  • Twisting the badge on one's uniform will teleport the wearer to the Math Room.
  • Agent badges can expire. In order to be issued a new one, an agent must retake the agent test.
  • Young agents may use the badge as a pacifier.
  • It is not a fladge.
  • The Odd Squad badge comes from the letters of the agents name. There are 26 letters and A-Z are the numbers 1-26. For example, Oscar's badge is 56 and you have to add to 56. So 15+19+3+1+18 is 56.

Badge Numbers

A list of the agents and their corresponding badge numbers.