The Breakfast Club
Season 2, Episode 21a
Production Information
Air Date7/20/2017
Written byMark De Angelis
Directed byStephen Reynolds
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The Ninja SituationDr. O: Party Time, Excellent

The Breakfast Club is the A-Plot of the 21st episode of Season 2 of Odd Squad.


Delivery Debbie goes undercover to stop a group of villains who call themselves the Breakfast Club.

Olympia's Random Slide:

This is...a turtle disguised as a rabbit.

Learning Goal:

Algebraic Thinking: using complex clues, rules and patterns to solve mathematical problems


  • This episode is named after the 1985 film The Breakfast Club.
  • All of the street names Ms. O mentions are references to the stars of the film, signaled by a final mention of "Gratuitous Reference Way".