For the episode featuring this event, please see The O Games (episode).


The O Games is an Olympics-style event held annually, usually with five contestants at a time. The gathering for the games is called by sounding a "Code Purple" alarm. It is unknown where exactly the O Games are held. The events in the O Games are much like the ones you see in the average Olympics, but more odd. The winner of the event gets to be Ms. O for the day. It progresses as an elimination-style event, with the last one standing after everyone has been eliminated being declared the winner.

Both Ms. O and Oscar have been seen wearing golden Greek-style outfits--this may indicate they are the heads of the O Games. As such, they are also announcers for the event in a sportscaster-esque manner. Contestants wear armor on top, with loose chain mail leggings and what appears to be armored boots.

Known Events

Names that are in bold are official event names. Names not in bold are unofficial event names.


Agents' names that are in bold are those whom have won the event. Names not in bold were contenders in the event.

Rules and Traditions

  • All Odd Squad agents, whether they have left Odd Squad or are still working, are allowed to take part in the O Games.
  • The Odd Squad Head is obligated to tie his/her hands together with licorice.
  • Contestants are allowed to score for other people in O Games events (is now a defunct rule).
  • If someone drops a ring in Robot Princess Ring Toss, another contestant is allowed to pick it up.

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