The Shapeshifter
Shape Sifter Mugshot
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personality Angry, Signature line: RRR!!
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Villain
Personal Information
Friend(s) Odd Todd
Enemies Odd Squad
Production Information
Debut The Briefcase
Actor Laura Landauer

The Shapeshifter is a villain who can transform herself or anything else into whatever she wants! She stole Ms. O's briefcase in The Briefcase and was captured by Todd in Training Day. She battled for Odd Squad documents in Undercover Olive and helped Todd try to frame Olive in Disorder in the Court. She also knows Olive's greatest fear is pie and appeared in Flawed Squad.

Special Power

Ability to change into anything, but she cannot change her weight. She can also shapeshift other objects, but she again cannot change their weight.


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