A timetastrophe occurs when something goes desperately wrong during time travel, causing time to fold in on itself. There are many different things that may set a timetastrophe into motion.


  • A person in the future or past sees, meets, or runs into themselves while they are time traveling
  • A person who unknowingly time traveled suspects that they are in the wrong time
  • If you send a person who time traveled back to the wrong date

Methods of time travel

Currently, the main method of time travel is through the use of Oscar's Dayinator gadget. Almost every time time travel has happened, it's been due to the gadget accidentally being dropped

Stages of a timetastrophe

Upon setting off a timetastrophe, many things will begin to happen:

  1. A timequake, where time begins to fold in on itself causing confusion and destruction
  2. Time holes begin to appear, allowing beings from other times to travel into the current time plane. These beings include
    • A 1920's business man
    • A viking
    • A go-go dancer
  3. Time sheep (later replaces with time sharks and after that the Time Llamas) appear

Other effects

  • According to Oscar, floating turtles also appear during a timetastrophe, though he never says when
  • Time koalas are also mentioned as having appeared when an agent incorrectly guessed what time to zap a person back to

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