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Toast has often been used as a funny and semi-random food in Odd Squad. In Season 2 it was noticed that toast has become more and more prevalent. This has led to speculation that it is the Season 2 version of 43 and may be connected to other Season 2 mysteries.

Occurrences of Toast in Season 2

  • in First Day, A large piece of toast is carried in the back ground as we learn that Agent Otis did not go to the academy.
  • In Otis' Agent interview he declares that he "Ate a piece of dry toast this morning" when he had nothing else to say about himself.
  • Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd Jamie Jam is introduced and defeated by the Toastinator Gadget.
  • Olympia's Day The opening case involves a toaster that sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
  • Drop Gadget Repeat Toast becomes symbolic of Oona's imprisonment in (and subsequent release from) a time loop.
  • Agent Orchid's Almost Half Hour Talent Show Otis mentions Toast in the lyrics to the song he helps Olympia sing when she is stuck on stage.
  • Who Let The Doug Out. Lady Bread throws lots of toast at Flatum. Olympia, Otis, and Ms. O have to avoid getting hit by it.

Occurrences of Toast in OddTube

  • The Creature Room: There is a man caught in a giant piece of toast in the background.
    • The next episode, Interview with Olive, Olympia posted this: "...Anywayyy…that was indeed a huge toast in the background! Did not realize it was behind me. Specifically, it was a person who got stuck in an unusually large piece of toast. Thankfully the toaster was set to toast lightly."
    • This was posted after people in the comments were wondering if it was toast or bread.
  • When Odd Squad Head Quarters is called, Oona recalls the Toastinator Gadget.


  • Oona's Odd Squad Valentine reads "Toast is power. Power is gadgets...Happy Valentine's Day! I made you heart-shaped toast!"
  • In the website release of "The Saddest Song in the World of All Time" by Sound Check there was (among other changes) a picture of toast that was not in the original.
    • A quote on the Sound Check website reads "...Toast is buttery. Buttery is friendship. And friendship is Soundcheck." – Agent Oona

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