These are short videos that air in between the episodes, usually teaching the math concept used in the previous episode. Ophelia and Oakley suggested these videos to Ms. O in Training Day and are featured in some of them. Oscar hosts them, along with O'Conner's occasional help.

Training Videos

Hosted by Oscar

  • #26: Combining Gadgets
  • #27: Shape Crystals
  • #7883: A Guide to Your Uniform
  • #18: How to Feed the Odd Squad Hamster
  • #19: How to Feed the Odd Squad Goldfish
  • #42: How to Deal with a Puffer Plant
  • #94: How to Deal with a Saffron Slimer
  • #531: How to Deal with a Clockhead Lady
  • #9: How to Deal with a Tiggle or a Taggle
  • #1: How to get Ms. O the Right Juice Box (Odd Todd Alert)
  • #1624: How to Deal with a Spider Cat Bite

Hosted by Oona

  • #231: A Guide To Your Lab Coat
  • #306: How to Repair Oonabot
  • #457: The Anything-Within-Reason Machine
  • #514: A Guide To Your Tie
  • #801: Getting Around Headquarters

Welcome to Headquarters

  • The Breakroom
  • The Breakroom (part 2)
  • The Breakroom (part 3)
  • The North Control Room
  • The Games Room
  • The Ball Room
  • The Tube Lobby
  • The Pools
  • The Lab
  • The Lab (Part 2)
  • Ms. O's Office (hosted by Olympia not the agent who is teamed with Otis in season 2)

Odd Reports

  • Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Giant Sighting
  • Double Storm
  • Traffic Report

Character Profiles


  • Confalones restaurant ad
  • Odd Moments in History: Hofferville, 1904
  • Odd Moments in History: Tomato Tomahto, 1951
  • Odd Squad Needs You videos
  • Jackalope Cartoons
  • OddTube Commerical
  • Delivery Debbie Pizzeria Ad


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