Agents Turned Odd

  1. Odd Todd - Let oddness happen, created odd-causing gadgets, and released a Pienado. This all led up to him not being allowed to be part of Odd Squad.
  2. Olga - Stole half of everything.
  3. President Obbs - Tried to take over the world by mind-controlling Odd Squad scientists.
  4. Weird Tom - Stole Odd Squad papers including gadget plans. He then forced Odd Squad to shut down in an act of revenge for not being allowed to become a full-fledged agent.
  5. O'Duffey - Worked for Party Pam for a little time.

Undercover Agents, Betrayed the Villains


  • Orbot - Told on O'Brian.
  • Party Pam - Hired by Ms. O, but was actually causing oddness.