The Tube Lobby is the room where the Tube Operators spend most of their working time. There is a computer, which they use to send agents all over the world. There are four tubes, which squish agents into sphere-shaped pods. (There is also a secret one in Ms. O 's office.) The tube operators say "Preparing to squishinate. Squishinating!" and "Incoming!".


  • Pods are color-coded based on an agent's job department. The red ones are for investigation agents, green ones are for scientists, purple ones are for Mr./Ms. O's, and so on. As of the end of season one, Olive and Otto take the purple spheres for departure to show their promotion to Management.
  • The tubes in the Tube Lobby also connect to the dinosaur room, the creature room and many other rooms within headquarters.
  • In The Briefcase, Otto says that while riding in the tubes, "it feels like your insides get mixed up and turned around." Olive then confirms that your insides are literally "mixed up and turned around."