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  • Ambidextrous-drummer

    Warning: total random rambling.

    So I hate not having a tv... I have to put up with the crappy, once a week updates of the pbs kids website (uuurrrrrgggg)

    So yesterday, I was looking at stuff and realized there was 4+ New Odd Squad episodes that I hadn't seen... 

    So I don't even know what overcame me I got mad and was fuming by myself in my room and I got an update from wattpad and so I read the update and in this chapter Joel and Moriah (the main characters), are kidnapped and Moriah is in a room with 5 other people, three of which need to go to a hospital because they're on the brink of death. And Joel just got stabbed and is dying and his brother just found out what happened... and the chapter ended in a cliffhanger... 

    For some reason I was…

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  • Ambidextrous-drummer

    Slight spoilers, nothing much.

    First of all I'm gonna crack down on people... Abigail Hinds, where are you. You all of a sudden stopped PMing me on fanfiction.. wassup with that?!

    Secondly I've been avoiding this wikia like the plague, not because I hate y'all but because I haven't seen season 2 anything. 

    But now I have!!! I fought my siblings for the the computer.. I won....eventually.

    I must say I really like this Otis dude... he's officially my newest favoritist character ever.. his personality is perfectly balanced between Olive's no-nonsense and Otto's total nonsense... He has fun, but understands when to keep it cool.. that's me to the max, I'm a girl with Otis' personality. Deal with it.

    Olympia, she reminds me of my cousin Sierra, I du…

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  • Ambidextrous-drummer

    So.... I'm not Ambidextrous Drummer, I am her cousin Nathaniel she asked me to write this blog to tell you something.


    Ambi had a friend named Laila who LOVED Odd Squad, she was crazy about Odd Squad!

    Last fall she was diagnosed with cancer. 

    She really, really wanted to watch O is Not for Over...

    Laila passed away two days before it aired.

    So Ambi wanted me to tell you guys that it might be a while before she comes back on this wikia or works on Odd Squad fanfics. 

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  • Ambidextrous-drummer

    Because of certain events (which I will not go into unless asked about) I haven't been on this wikia for a looooong. 


    Imma back!!

    Probably not for long...


    Maybe not..

    I dunno...



    Fill me up on what has happened...

    I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!

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  • Ambidextrous-drummer

    So we went to the science museum and I was wearing my glamorous (not) multiple color jacket that I guess looks a but like Odd Todd's suit. But not really, (I could see how you could get there.)

    But back to my story... I'm alone trying to do twenty pages of Language Arts before we leave. I'm alone in the room for the younger kids. (Don't judge they have tables in there) but there is just this kid (he's about 5 or 6) who is staring at me. And he just stares at me for what seems like forever.

    I try to ignore him but it's rather annoying finally I look up and he is staring at me.. I look at him and he stares at me, smiles, and says. "You look like Odd Todd, I really like Odd Todd!"

    Before I can react he's off playing with his sister. 

    What in the …

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