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    Unpopular opinion

    February 14, 2017 by KerryKoopa26

    I really Don't Like It when Olympia is called "human Pinkie Pie". Sure, they have a few similar attributes such as a cheerful personality and moments of self-doubt, but there's gotta be more, stronger similarities than that to say that "character A is basically character B".

    Again, I won't deny that Olympia and Pinkie Pie have similarities (then again, any two characters have similarities if you try hard enough. But I digress). The thing is, though, "occasionally doubts herself" is not really a defining characteristic of Pinkie Pie, nor is it one of Olympia (because we've probably only seen that once or twice). So what are their defining characteristics?

    Pinkie's are: hyperactivity, parties, outlandish randomness, and blatant 4th wall breaking…

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  • KerryKoopa26

    is 43 still relevant

    January 22, 2017 by KerryKoopa26

    So I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory where two characters find "43" written on their coworker's chalkboard and spend the episode trying to figure out what it means. I was basically screaming "ODD TODD. ODD TODD IS WHAT IT MEANS." And loudly vocalizing the X-Files theme because that's what I do when I see a 43. xD

    the compilation of the "43" scenes if you're interested: (contains cursing)

    Keep in mind that this episode first aired before OS was created so this isn't a reference, but still, I felt it was worth noting.

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  • KerryKoopa26

    Yep, I got it printed, just like I said I would. ;)

    The quality is pretty good, aside from the fact that I can see the JPG artifacts if I look really close, but it doesn't matter to me much. I just care about the PUPPIES! :D

    I got it from . The site allows you to upload and purchase a custom calendar, and you can customize the "dates"/bottom half, something most sites don't allow you to do.

    (If you want to see more pictures, just tell me)

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  • KerryKoopa26


    December 30, 2016 by KerryKoopa26

    Hi their!!! Im a kid (presumably under the age of 13) who dosent know basic speling and grammer. I Also Capitlize stuff weirdly! wtf is punctuation ...I LOVE ODD SQUAD SO MUCH!!! thats why im here.

    As you can see I LOVE THE CAPSLOCK BUTTON!!!!1!1!1! AND I LOVE ABUSNG IT!!! i also love to add a ridiculous amount of emojis in any piece of text I write. For example😍😍😍😋😍😋😍😒😐😘😕😙😙😡😞😢😆😟😦😉 👦🏼⚡️💂🏻💥😵💀💉🐉 This makes said text hard to read and look that,and I do not no why i want to acheve that affect but stil.

    I think this site is my Own personal chat room were I can say WHATVER I want, so I constantly spam comment sections with pointless, and unintelligent drivel whose word lengh I can count on one hand.Some of these comments are unrelated to odd squad…

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  • KerryKoopa26

    tfw the only showing of OS live in cali is in SoCal and it's probably not during February break so my parents won't be willing to drive me there

    but why do I want to watch it anyway? it's probably going to be boring for me bc the show is aimed at little kids

    the answer is:


    (aka info about the world of OS and stuff that I can use for fanfiction or something)

    maybe I should just read the reviews that people have done here, that should probably suffice

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