everyone is discussing disorder in the court and I'm afraid that by the time the episode officially releases on PBS, if I want to add my own two cents no one will be interested enough to participate/discuss anymore

I want to wait until the official release on PBS so I can experience that feeling of being just so eager to watch the episode and disappointed that I have to wait....

...jumping up and down by the time school ends because in a little bit I can finally watch it...

...being surprised by reveals and stuff that you managed to avoid finding out about prematurely...

however I think this feeling won't be there anyway because I can technically just watch the leak any time so technically I don't -have- to wait. and it's hard for me to lie to myself, to lie to my heart ahhahaha

sorry I just needed to get this out

thing is February is too long to wait tbh hhhhhhhhhhh

so much time for me to accidentally see some spoiler fkdkjsjj

actually I think I can do it

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