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  • I live in Todd Squad HQ
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is Turning the world Odd
  • I am VERY ODD!

    It's an Odd Todd Q&A!

    May 25, 2017 by ODDtODD

    Surprise! To celebrate 2 years since Odd Todd came onto the screen, I'm holding a Q&A here on Odd Squad Wikia. You can ask me anything about the show, the actors, the production or even something that came after! I used to be super active on this website so I wanted to make one more comeback here for the people on this site that I used to talk to and that I have yet to meet! Ask me a question below!

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    DISCLAIMER:Let me start off with saying I have no idea what the mystery behind Otis is. I have asked cast members as well as crew and they have all said they genuinely do not know and have not learned anything about the deal with Otis. A+ to the writers for always being able to handle confidential stuff. (cough43cough)

    Anyways, I was reading someone's theory about Otis claiming he was my pet, and that I had turned him into a dog as I was causing oddness and zapped him with a gadget. I immediately realized that, not only was he not my pet, he was there before I turned odd when I realized:

    He was an agent before I turned odd.

    As in, he was an agent. The dog Otis was already an agent (at the exact same squad nonetheless), but this Otis is new. E…

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    Everyone, welcome "oksanareallylikespudding" or Madeleine Barbeau! She's sure to make the website a much worse place!

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    Heyo, my little Oddlings! IS there anything you've ever wanted to know about Odd Squad? What it was like off-set? Which scene was hardest to shoot? How scared Millie made me? (I tell you, that girl was MADE for Ms. O.) Well, go on ahead to and ask me a question! Fortunately, it doesn't stop there; you can find the people who played Dr. O and Ophelia and ask them questions too! EVERYONE WANTS TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!

    However, if you act fast (before January 4th to be exact) you could win a personalised video message from me to you! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO! (Wait. No... Wrong character.) EEEEEEEEEHAHAHA! (Theeeere we go.)

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    August 18, 2015 by ODDtODD

    Hello all!

    Exciting news, I am now an admin on this Wikia! If you have any requests, send me a message and I will fix it!

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