All right, so if you haven't seen Disorder in the Court in English, view it right now. It's in the comments, or if someone could fetch the links for me that would be great.


So anyhow, when Otto protests a recess, we see a shot of Olive and Otto on the swings at a playground. Otto asks where Olive was during the last 10 minutes. When Olive doesn't want to admit it because it would "change everything between us", Otto tells her that "we aren't just partners, we're friends. Nothing ever comes between us."


All right, all right, I'll elaborate. In Now You Don't See Me, Odd Todd said at one point that he would ruin the lives of "all of your friends!!" Or something like that, I honestly don't remember. But he did mention the fact that Olive and all of the other agents were friends somehow. We never really got elaboration on that. Thanks Josh, I am disappoint.

But with this new thing from Disorder, it's now VERBALLY CANON. As in, Olive and Otto are actually friends. Now here's my theory: Adam and Tim, and the rest of the cast n' crew, wanted the younger audience to understand that agents who were partners were also best friends. It was clear, at least to me, and it was probably clear to the young ones who watched the show.

But if there were still some kids who were all "THEY AREN'T FRIENDS, THEY'RE PARTNERS! THEY JUST WORK TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY'RE FORCED TO!!", the aforementioned Disorder in the Court reveal would hammer it in their heads. "Repeat it a few more times, maybe your audience's feeble minds will comprehend it soon enough." spoke LittleshyFIM in his Cinemare Sins: MLP: Rainbow Rocks video.

So yeah. Olive and Otto are friends. It's now officially canon. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

It's a historic moment folks. You can expect an Odd News editorial on this soon. Yes, it's still running. ;)

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