So some great things happened to me.

--I became a Chat Mod on Critter Cosmos. :D I pretty much get to monitor the chat box, and modify and delete messages. It's like being an Admin on this Wiki so I GET EXPERIENCE WHOO

--Okay, I lied. My grandmother's coming over for Thanksgiving. With her friend/caretaker. No turkey, can I get some McDonald's please?

--My friend won at bowling last week with a score of 43. Mine was 40. (*yells*) LOUSY BOWLING TIPS MOM!!!

The only sad thing is I'm confined to my tablet until Wednesday, and I can't get it back until Black Friday shopping is over. (Well, I'm gonna try for Wednesday. I NEED IT FOR WEDNESDAY.

Also, my grandmother's coming on Thursday which interferes with my plans. Phoo.


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