So I bumped into this guy and his brother while fetching my mother some groceries from the market last night.

His little brother had an Odd Squad water bottle. The older guy and I chatted, and then we went on my way.

Then I happen to check my Facebook feed and amidst all the articles about FLIPPING DONALD TRUMP I find this PBS Kids post that screams ODD SQUAD MERCH. BUY IT. BUY OUR TO- WE MEEEAN MERCH! BUY OUR MERCH!!! INCLUDING THIS WATER BOTTLE OOOHHH

Also my Wild Kratts OC has landed on another Wiki page made by my friend, and said friend popped up on Critter Cosmos after I've been looking for her for 2 whole weeks like what

Umm yeah so some stuff happened and I want to throw it out there

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