So this is pretty much just copied-and-pasted from my profile for the most part, but I added a few things. And yes, this was inspired by Matt and everyone else who did this. :)

I first heard about the show back in 2014, when I read a news article stating PBS Kids was going to get a new show, Odd Squad. I was neutral about it, mainly because I wasn't super-familiar with the plot or premise of the show.

Fast-forward to October. The first teaser promos were released then, and by that point I was really intrigued. I recorded them, and put them in my archive. However, just as I was about to upload them, PBS beat me to it, and I didn't upload them until just recently, actually.

Then we go to November. When the show premiered, I decided to test out Alpha's Reactions, the name for my reaction video series, on it, and it turns out it got mixed reviews. Some who were plain idiots and had no idea what the word "reaction" meant, and others who were perfectly sane and gave their honest opinion. (Yes, it still goes on today. I get the occasional random comment telling me to "shut up" or "stop talking". Notice how my voice has gotten fairly quieter in some videos? Yeah, I come from a loud family's kind of hard not to be quiet, LOL.)

In December, a YouTube user contacted me, telling me that the 'higher-ups" (i.e., the cast n' crew, editors, etc.) had seen my videos, and loved them. At first I thought he was faking, but eventually I learned that I was talking to one of the stars of the show, Josh (Odd Todd). We hit it off from there, and we began chatting about the troll and other personal things. Turns out most of the cast (i.e., Dalila, Filip, Millie and Sean) did see my first Odd Squad Alpha's Reactions video, and they loved it! The editors--maybe even Adam and Tim too, who knows--saw and loved it as well! Since then I've been kind of renowned around the studio despite me living in a bordered state and having never met anyone affiliated with the show in person. What's more, I've gotten numerous shoutouts, whether by name or by video mention (thank you Woybff!), and I've made a few friends who happen to be Odd Squad lovers as well (yes, including you, dear Wiki contributors!). As for the title of the show's number one fan? It was kind of a given, you could say. Of course, I was humble about it at first, but I'm pretty proud of it now! The show is great, and it's the cast and crew who make it what it is today! Thanks for making a show I can enjoy for years to come, and I'll never get bored of. :)

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