--Upon hearing your parents are making mashed potatoes, you ask if it's for Thanksgiving, and then immediately sing a lyric from the Potato Song.

--You have dreams of Odd Squad every night. Doesn't matter what it is; if it contains a sliver of Odd Squad, it still counts.

--You CANNOT. STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. IT. So much, you are 99% close to losing a friend in your social circle.

--After watching MrPoniator's "What I Learned Today" and "What I Learned This Time" videos, you proceed to make one for Odd Squad summing up the episodes and getting fans caught up in a noisy ridiculous manner.

--You request Soundcheck songs often at school dances. Sadly, the DJ doesn't play them.

--And on top of that, you've made "Straight To Your Heart" one of your future wedding songs. Good luck explaining that to your new spouse.

--Your little siblings have inherited the "I <3 Odd Squad" trait from you. You go, sibsies.

You think this is all? The list goes on, friends. Odd Squad burnout is an epidemic. It can affect the entire fandom, starting with one person and spreading to countless others, regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender or disability.

Let's stop it together.

A message from the Society for the Prevention of Odd Squad Diseases

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