A while back I said I wanted to make a book but I wanted to redo Olive and Otto and their names and personalities.

I have an idea but I want your guys' input. In an article I read recently, don't let this offend any of you, but it said teens use dangerous hashtags to hide disorders/diseases. There was one for bulimia, I forget, but teens use #Annie for anxiety...and #Olive for OCD.

I figure Agent Olive's not the obsessive-compulsive type but I feel like maybe I should write her having OCD and the struggles of it? IDK, I feel it would bring light to the disorder and stop people from using the acronym freely: "Oh, I'm OCDing over this.", etcetera.

Would you guys want me to go through with this? I think I would make it into a fanfic but I don't want to offend anyone because I don't have OCD myself and I only know a few things about it. But if you guys want me to write it I will, and I'll do lots of research, I promise.

Basically the story would be about Agent Olive, and it would chronicle her life in Odd Squad and the struggles she has with OCD.


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