Okay, so you guys know Soundcheck, right? The boy band that Otto glosses over and clings onto like there's no tomorrow?

I know that Soundcheck is somewhat modeled off of One Direction (for the most part), but could it be possible that Otto likes Soundcheck because girls are usually the one gender to fawn over boy band members?

I mean, if you go to a One Direction concert--and I'm not saying I have--you'll see tons of girls there. TONS. The boys there are probably the girls' BFs for all we know; otherwise, they're probably single girls.

But Otto liking Soundcheck, and Olive hating it...could it be gender stereotype-breaking? I mean, aside from the fact Adam and Tim love to see Olive getting tortured by the sheer presence of the 4 SC members, but y'know. Food for thought. STEREOTYPE BROKEN WHOOOOO

So yeah, just something I wanted to put out there. Comment away folks.

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