Okay, so you know Ms. O's book, The Second to Last Unicorn? Well, I found origins. (*rubs hands together*) Sit your bums down, people, Alpha's gonna make history entertaining.

Ms. O's book is modeled after The Last Unicorn, which was a popular book written by Peter S. Beagle back in the 1900s (or sometime in that century). It spawned an animated movie which got a revamp in quality, a comic book, a Lost Version, and many more.

The book was about a unicorn who learns she is the last of her kind. She travels to a kingdom to free the other unicorns who are trapped. Along the way she meets new friends and faces terrible struggles, and eventually reaches a cruel king who is keeping her fellow unicorns captive. Of course, I'm not going to spoil anything in case you guys want to read it. Moving on.

The animated movie...well, I haven't watched the movie so I don't know much, but Jessica, one of my fellow FPP team members, said it was terrific and that she "can't even." (Not that I know what that is supposed to more specific please). It was formed by Lionsgate I believe, and followed the same plot.

There was also a comic book series by IDW Publishing. Yeah, the same company who runs the MLP comics. I think it had six books? I'm not sure.

So...yeah! Origin thing! WHOOOOO! The writers did their work. ;) Good job.

Connected the dots when spotting a page about The Last Unicorn on my Facebook feed.

Not to mention, the cover of both the aforementioned book and The Second to Last Unicorn seem almost similar, except Ms. O's book's unicorn looks like it's in space for some reason. ("It's Odd Squad!")

Now I'm gonna read it and delve into it more, because I'm curious now. :D

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