The only way I know if you people are tired of these blog posts is if you tell me. I'm made of stone. COME AT ME GUYS 'N GALS

Anyhow, so I was at Bridges, which is kind of like a hangout for the disabled kids I work with. We were having our annual holiday party, and so my confidante and one of the staff members there, Hannah, asked Zach (one of the kids) if he'd seen Odd Squad. Went something like this:

Hannah: "Have you heard of this show? It's called The Fairly Odd Squad."

Me: "No, it's actually called Odd Squad."

(Laughter from Hannah ensues)

Me: "Zach, have you watched it?"

Zach: "Uh...yeah."

Hannah: "Yeah? You have?"

Me: "That's nice."

Heidi: "Isn't that the show with the mathematics and the little spies-"

Me: "Yep, that's the one."

Zach: "It airs on Channel 10 tomorrow!" (He repeats this for a little bit)

Heidi: "It does."

Me: (puts hands under her chin and gives an innocent smile) "Tell me about it."

(Laughter ensues)

A little later, this conversation took place between me, Heidi (one of the other staffers) and Bree (one of the kids).

Heidi: "Bree, have you ever watched The Fairly Squad...people-"

Me, from the kitchen: "I heard that!"

(Laughter ensues)

Heidi: "You're going to downplay me, aren't you?"

Me, returning to the "living room" from the kitchen: "Yes. Yes I am. Bree, have you watched Odd Squad?"

Bree: "No."

(We then went on to talking about Christmas movies.)

Umm yep. That happened. XD

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