Yeah yeah yeah, rant thingie. Also known as my December 1st Day Summary.

Went to wound care. Could not stop bawling and clinging onto the doctor for dear life. Sat in a wheelchair and got wheeled out. Had a severe anxiety attack/mental breakdown despite me taking a Xanax before I went. Upon calming down when driven to McDonald's to get dinner, reminded myself to listen to "Oscar is Awesome" on a high volume next time I go to distract me (probably won't help anyway).

Ate. Took a shower. Had a suicidal thought. Realized I am falling apart at only 17 years old. Watched more Odd Squad. Didn't even help.

Contemplated watching Reindeer Games. Decided against it because nope, not even the best show that has ever entered my life could end the pain and suffering I have gone through.

Tossed and turned in bed. Got up. Wrote this blog post. Sighed. Watched "Shark Tank".

Aaaaand the rest is history. But I'm still falling apart at 17.

Turns out I was right. All those times I said I was put on the Earth to suffer? It's now being taken literally. I AM SUFFERING.

(*sigh*) I think I'll include OS in my will or something, IDK.


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