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    hey remember me

    February 16, 2018 by RavenclawAwkwardness


    yeah yeah remember me

    remember how i was like a functioning member of this community and then vanished out of nowhere

    nobody here probably remembers me


    it's been a while

    it's been a while since we last spoke


    i wrote a fanfic, i wrote theories, i wrote crossovers

    maybe i'll do that more idk



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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    i want somebody to make an odd squad play and turn it into a script that a school can do

    and then notify all schools in the us and canada, or at least on the east coast and canada

    and then i can force my school to do it

    and i can be the shapeshifter

    or maybe jamie jam because goodness knows i've never been able to snag a lead female role even though i'm a female because of my alto voice so i can't be a princess/main role/singer because i sing too low. thanks vocal cords for ruining my dramatic skill and prowess


    said raven at 1:30 am when she should be flipping asleep, not storming up ideas for an odd squad play and trying to figure out what other things can crossover with odd squad

    like would wicked work? maybe for odd todd. yeah that makes a…

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    hi everyone i wrote some fanfiction because i am ridiculously obsessed!!!!

    here it is!!!!

    oona looked at oscar and said toast

    the end

    lol so how was it

    April Fools! I would never write such short fanfiction, badly grammared fanfiction. Is grammared even a word? maybe.

    Love you guys.

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    So, I wanted to talk about Ms. O's rate of juice box consumption.

     In "The One That Got Away," Ms. O states that 1,000 juice boxes is a "day's supply." While she may have "cut back," we're going to assume that her daily consumption remained about the same- 1,000 juice boxes.

     For some reason, juice box companies aren't making this easy for me. Juice boxes regularly come in 4.23 fl oz, 6.75 fl oz, and 6 fl oz- NONE OF WHICH GO INTO 16 FL OZ EVENLY URRRRGGHHHH

     So I'll just use (algebra and) a calculator to discover how much sugar Ms. O is consuming in a day.

     So first, let's find out how many fl. oz Ms. O would be drinking in a day, assuming she drank 6 fl oz boxes.

     6 times 1000 is 6000 fl oz. WOW. The amount of water suggested (not that you hav…

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  • RavenclawAwkwardness

    I can’t believe I didn’t know.

    The papers swirl around me as the slideshow on the wall and in my head goes on and on, seemingly eternal.

    This unknown mystery, this great universal tragedy and no one had spoken of it to me.

    The file was hexagonal like all the rest but had a mysterious quality about it.

    The file folder was one I had never seen before, and we had seen them all, me and her.

    We had seen them all from the greatest to the smallest problems.

    But not this one.

    His hair was tainted with a tinge of white that stood out and shone like the stars.

    His hands were young but shook with the weight of keeping his secret.

    His secret was a strange one, it wasn’t one worth keeping.

    He kept it locked inside him like a treasure that he wasn’t willing to gi…

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