• SuperAgentBollywood

    Well, lately lots of people have been doing this whole thing, but I got the idea from Matt. Thanks for the idea!

    Anyways, this is how I got to like Odd Squad.

    I have always watched PBS Kids and the shows on it. My younger sister was watching too, and we saw a trailer for a new show. It would be coming in the next month, November, and it was called Odd Squad. I thought it would be weird, so I decided to stay away from the show. My sister watched the premiere, all the episodes that had aired so far, and I didn't give the show a second thought.

    Then one day, my friend Sarah and I were talking about PBS Kids shows, and she told me about a show she loved called Odd Squad. Only then did I actually remember that such a TV show existed. Sarah told m…

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  • SuperAgentBollywood

    So I watched 'Trials and Tubulations' recently! Here's my review!

    I personally thought that this wasn't the best episode, but it was quite funny. I liked Logan the Ogre's part and the whole 'running with scissors' joke. Overall, I would give the episode a rating of 7.

    I also found an error in 'Trials and Tubulations'. Tell me if you found it too!

    When Olive and Otto are in the woods, they see the yellow flowers, right? They're calm until Ms. O tells them that those flowers mean Laser Chickens. But in 'The Life of O'Brian', Ms. O tells Otto to "do exactly as Olive says", implying that Olive knows a lot about these chickens. Plus, Olive says that she knows a lot about laser chickens before the whole O'Brian drama. Hence, she should know about t…

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  • SuperAgentBollywood

    I just watched Worst First Day Ever! It's so funny, especially Owen's dream within a dream thing. Ori is actually kinda like Otto. Oscar isn't in this episode though. I'd recommend it to any person who liked 'Trouble With Centigurps'!

    Tell me if you liked this 'Recommendations' post. I'll do more if people like them!

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