So I watched 'Trials and Tubulations' recently! Here's my review!
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Laser Chickens

I personally thought that this wasn't the best episode, but it was quite funny. I liked Logan the Ogre's part and the whole 'running with scissors' joke. Overall, I would give the episode a rating of 7.

I also found an error in 'Trials and Tubulations'. Tell me if you found it too!

When Olive and Otto are in the woods, they see the yellow flowers, right? They're calm until Ms. O tells them that those flowers mean Laser Chickens. But in 'The Life of O'Brian', Ms. O tells Otto to "do exactly as Olive says", implying that Olive knows a lot about these chickens. Plus, Olive says that she knows a lot about laser chickens before the whole O'Brian drama. Hence, she should know about the yellow flowers meaning laser chickens, right?

Maybe because it's Sector 21, she doesn't know, but I'm not sure. Let me know what you think in the comments.


(COPYRIGHT INFO IN DESC.) Odd Squad "Trials and Tubulations" Part 1 (Split Episode, No Commentary)-0

The episode part 1 - uploaded by Alpha Kratt


(COPYRIGHT INFO IN DESC.) Odd Squad "Trials and Tubulations" Part 2 (Split Episode, No Commentary)-0

The episode part 2 - uploaded by Alpha Kratt

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