Weird Tom
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Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Professional Information
Occupation(s) Agent at Odd Squad (formerly)
Badge Number 28 (formerly)
Personal Information
Co-worker(s) Weird Team (formerly)

Ms. O (currently)

Enemies Odd Squad (formerly)
Production Information
Debut Odd Squad: The Movie
Actor Jack McBrayer

Weird Tom is the (former) main antagonist of Odd Squad: The Movie. He is played by guest star, Jack McBrayer.


Weird Tom is the head of the Weird Team, a rival organization to Odd Squad. He manages to shut Odd Squad down by stealing their business and tarnishing their public image. Tom's motivation was that he used to be an Agent-in-training in the 1980's, but he could not become an agent because Ms. O did not agree with his problem-solving style, and thus sought revenge on Odd Squad for it.

However, after a swarm of Daves are released, Tom has a change of heart, and decides to help Odd Squad eliminate them. After working with Odd Squad to defeat the Daves, he became an honorary agent.